Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Zoo Trip

While Julianna and Simon were at play practice, Matt, Oliver, Annie and I went to the Red River Zoo in Fargo. Even though we weren't on the farm we were surrounded by animals so I thought I would share a few photos :)

My Sweet Kids: Oliver & Anabelle

Russian Red Tree Squirrel 
(look at his cool ears!)

Loved all the Koi Ponds throughout the zoo
(and now Matt & I are talking about how we can add one to the farm!)

The Prairie Dogs were so funny to watch

We walked through the Orient Aviary & I
 spotted this nest underneath a bush along the path

The Red Pandas are adorable!

And... my favorite!
The Peafowl wandering freely around the zoo!
(Look at his amazing tail!!)

There were several of them and I loved watching 
them strut around and call out to each other!

And lastly, Annie rode the carousel

It was a fabulous day to spend at the zoo- sunny & warm.
Oliver and Anabelle had a fun time together and got along great-
and that always makes us happy ;0)
It was the perfect way to spend the afternoon and 
I am more determined than ever to get a Peacock for the farm!

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