Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Farm Happenings & Visits

This week we have been having lots of rain and thunderstorms.
Normally, I LOVE rain

(a shot of the farm at sunset during a storm)

But this week my mom is here visiting from Florida 
and I was hoping we could spend the week outside in the garden.
(nope, too soggy)

(my mom, Annie, Oliver and me at the airport)

So we have not been able to spend much time outside.
We have been in the barn a lot though, trying to teach 
the new babies how to take a bottle

They are starting to catch on, but I have been worried 
because they haven't been drinking much at each feeding. 
I read that it can take 3-4 days for them to figure it out, 
so I am hoping that will happen soon.

Oliver is also here for a couple days and 
he was thrilled to meet all the new animals!
(he was fine being outside, despite the rain)

Annie showed him all her favorite chicks 
and how to hold them and smile for a picture

Good Job Anabelle!
(and great pose for the camera Mohawk!)

As for my mom, she leaves tomorrow and 
I still have not been able to get her to hold an animal...
I was hoping to catch her snuggling a chick or one of the baby goats 
so that I could put the picture on my blog, but so far no such luck!

I will have to settle for just her-  without an animal.
Love you Mama,Thanks for coming to visit!!

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