Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gardening is for the Birds

All through the long winter I was thinking about my vegetable garden.
I dreamed about squash and zucchini seasoned on the grill; eating bright crispy salads with cherry tomatoes... mouth watering sweet corn and giant orange pumpkins...  
not to mention a fresh herb garden just outside my back door!
 I was itching for spring so that I could dig in the rich, black ND soil 
and grow my own delicious food.

The problem is that I have never actually had a vegetable garden.
How hard can it be, right?

Here is my garden in it's current state:

Surely, by the amount of healthy looking Dandelions, 
my garden is ready to produce a veritable feast for our family.
(and the chickens of course)

After seeing that several of my local friends have already gotten 
their gardens in, I decided that this is my week. 
I am already late!
I will spend the next couple days weeding, tilling and planting.

And I will have to find a way to keep out all my barnyard buddies, 
but I guess I will worry about that later.
Stay tuned... 

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