Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dogs + Chicks = Disaster

Scurvy Dog

Scurvy Dog has never showed much interest in our chicks 
until he decided to "play" with them today... 
2 of the chicks seem the worst, the others were 
all just scattered and scared but appeared fine. 

One of the 2 (Pigeon) seems ok, she was drenched and had a little 
blood on her face and feathers, but otherwise she is alert and seems ok. 
The 2nd one (Matt's Silkie) was actually in the dogs mouth when we found them. 
It was obviously in shock & very wet, so I took him in and gave him 
a warm bath & blow dry (which he seemed to like!) 
Lots of broken feathers, but I couldn't find any actual injuries. 

I put them in a large dog kennel inside with straw and a heat lamp 
and they are both just sitting there. I made them some scrambled eggs too.
I hate not knowing what to do!
I know Scurv wasn't trying to hurt them- 
he is huge and could have killed the chicks easily. 
I think he just wanted to play... 
but I don't trust him around the chicks anymore :(

Anyway Pigeon has been content to hang out inside on my lap since the accident....
She looks pretty comfortable.
Think she is taking advantage of my TLC?!

I'll update soon!

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