Thursday, May 26, 2011

Adoption Announcement!

They're HERE!!!!
We picked up our new baby goats today & they are absolutely precious!!!
They are so small and soft and sweet!!

Julianna & Simon

Fainting Goat Twin Does born on 5/7/11
They are almost identical, but they do have some slight marking differences:

We haven't named them yet... any suggestions?
They look like Oreo Cookies to us, so we thought of
"Cookies" & "Cream" 
(But we aren't quite sure about that)

So cute! She is already exploring her new "toys"

Anabelle is in love!

and so am I!!


DeeAnn said...

I Love your goats!! They are so precious! I loved the idea of names for them. I got to thinking since one has a wider stripe than the other one you could have oreo and doublestuff!

Zoa said...

thank you!!! We have been saying that they look like oreo cookies ever since we first saw them. "Oreo" and "Doublestuff" might be perfect!! ;0)