Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tiny Eggs & Giant Zucchini

Some of our spring chicks have starting laying! I know it is kindof odd, but I feel such a sense of accomplishment!! ;0) I raised them from day old chicks and now they are laying eggs of their own- I am so proud!!!

Maya is one of our Bantam Cochin pullets. She is black and tiny and a very serious egg layer already! She was one of the first babies to start laying and her first light brown egg arrived on her 19th week birthday!! Her eggs are about the size of a ping pong ball, and almost every day without fail since then, she makes her way into the nesting boxes and leaves us a tiny gift.

Maya- one of our Spring chicks 
(I named some of the chicks after my favorite scrapbook companies &
she was named for the company "Maya Road")

4 of Maya's tiny eggs, next to one of our "normal" large size eggs


My garden has been kindof a bust this year. I admit that gardening is not my forte! I did not keep up with weeding and it has gotten quite overgrown with weeds. Despite the weeds, the squash, zucchini, peppers & corn all seem to be doing quite well! Simon went out to the garden today to chase a chicken out, and tripped over a HUGE zucchini that had somehow been missed underneath all the plants. This is the biggest zucchini by far that I have ever seen!!! He was thrilled with his find and came in yelling his excitement. 

This will be fun! I have already pulled out my mama's zucchini bread recipe and I am wondering how many loaves we can make with this monster- yummmm! Can't wait :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

August Updates

I can't believe we are already half way through August. The summer is flying by and school starts here in 11 days. Where did the time go? The heat wave is over, thankfully and we have had much cooler days and LOTS of rain and thunderstorms. I actually love the rain, but a lot of people here don't because of the flooding and the fields being too wet. I can certainly understand that!

Lots has been happening in our family lately, hence the lack of blog posts. Times have been stressful, but in all things we will give thanks- or at least try to. When life gets busy, the farm gets put on the back burner. However the farm is growing and everything is green and lush and full of life!

We have 14 kittens!!!! All 3 of our barn cat mamas had litters within a couple weeks of each other. Sadly, 3 kittens didn't make it, but the others are all healthy and playful (and ready to find new homes soon...) The kittens all grew up together and they all play together. The funny thing is, the 3 moms take responsibility for all the babies, they don't discriminate. I see kittens from all 3 litters nursing from the same mom- it is quite humorous to me!

how many kittens do you see in this picture? There are 8 here!!

In other news, we had decided to give Scurvy Dog another chance. We tried in vain to find a new home for him, and after a few weeks of searching we decided to give him another shot. Unfortunately, that was a bad decision on our part. One day when we were gone running errands, he broke off his chain and killed 6 of our chickens. It was a very sad day because one of them was Anabelle's beloved "Mohawk". Of all our 38 chickens, any one of us would have gladly given one of ours to spare Mohawk. He was such a special Silkie, and he and Annie had a very special relationship. I am glad I have many pictures of the 2 of them together (I even have a video of her riding her bike down the sidewalk with Mohawk sitting in the basket on her handlebars!)

I don't think any chicken could ever take his place, but we do have the 3 young silkies that haven't been named. I am hoping that Annie will bond with one of them.

Anyway hopefully one day soon I will be back to blogging my funny farm stories... I promise to let you know when I do!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

5 Mins to Whine & Complain

We have been in a heat wave since last weekend here in ND. The "feel's like" temperatures are over a 100 every day and the humidity is awful. Even at night the temps are still in the 80's and there is not much relief. Now being a born and raised Florida gal, you would think that I could handle this. The difference? In Fl, there is air conditioning. I could turn my thermostat down and still carry on as usual. Chores, done. Cooking, done. Being nice to my kids, done. >:-} Up here there are usually only a handful of days that get unbearable and so a lot of the older homes do not have AC. Our home does NOT have AC. I am the first to admit- I am not good with heat. I turn into a miserable, whiney, hard to get a long with baby. I prefer cold any day of the week! The last week or so has been totally wasted on me. I cannot function. There is no cooking or cleaning being done, and whenever one of the kids wants to hug me, I wince. I hate feeling like this!!!!!!  The house is in chaos and we are all sitting around like grumpy slugs. My son's therapist sets aside 10 minutes everyday to listen to him "whine and complain". After he vents all his frustrations and injustices, he is able to go on with his day and function better. Today I have decided to adopt this practice. Today's blog is my whine and complain time. I am hot and I hate it!

I suppose this post is not really farm related, except that I wonder if all our animals are as miserable as I am? I look out the windows at them and I feel sorry for them. Maybe one day if I strike it rich I can install central air in the house, and then in the barn.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Dog Days of Summer

Where does the time go? I apologize for not updating lately. Spring turned quickly into summer and now we are all bearing the heat. It seems especially hot & humid this year and we are all miserable. Even the barnyard crew seem to be suffering and laying low. I find them in the shade or in the coop usually and I know they will be happy when it starts cooling off again. We have noticed an increase in coyote activity in the last month or so.... We hear them every night howling and sometimes it sounds like they are surrounding our farm. In the last week 2 of our 4 guineas have disappeared, and I assume the coyotes are getting them. So sad :( There is no trace of them, they are simply gone. The first one about a week ago, and the 2nd we noticed was gone this morning. I wish it was easier to get them into the coop at night with the chickens where they would be safe, but they are free spirits and turn their nose up at our protection (or they are just too simple minded to know what's good for them). Our sweet barn cat, Poe has also been absent lately. We are HOPING that he is off on a romantic adventure, the alternative would be very sad to even contemplate. I will keep you posted. Otherwise everything is business as usual. The garden is doing well despite my meager gardening knowledge. The corn did get planted (finally) and it is a couple inches high. The squash and zucchini plants are huge and leafy!! As soon as we can actually eat something I will really feel a sense of satisfaction! The kittens are growing rapidly and are getting quite playful! We have a total of 14 between the 3 mamas and so in another few weeks we will feel overrun I am sure! For now I am happy that they are safe in the sun porch, as I know that is offering them protection from predators and the elements. Anyway- that is all the news that is newsworthy... I miss the days where there were multiple blog posts running around in my mind... it just seems that there isn't much new to report. Hmmmmm..... maybe there will be more after we make it through the dog days of summer.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chicken Saddle

Road Runner has been looking a little rough lately. The General seems to favor her over the other hens and her back and feathers are getting torn up.

I have been looking for a chicken saddle locally for a couple weeks now, with no luck. Rather than ordering one online and waiting for it to be made and shipped, I decided to go ahead and make one myself. I got instructions off another blog: Back to Basic Living and spent last night making my own version. I didn't have any snaps, so I used velcro and it seems to work just fine. Here are the results:

Anyone else that has used these, have you had a hard time getting your hen to keep them on? Road Runner has messed hers up a couple times... she can't actually get it off, but she won't keep it under her wings and it ends up bunched up at the top of her back. I am wondering if it will just take her some time to get used to it? Any thoughts  about this are or suggestions are welcome!

Fair Fun

Sorry I have been strangely silent lately. We have been getting tons of rain and I have been stuck inside most of the time wishing I was outside. We did visit the Grand Forks fair last weekend and there were lots of animals, both in the petting zoo and the 4H exhibits. I enjoyed visiting with the different animals, but I did feel sorry for some of them. I question the health of several of the petting zoo animals. I have no idea if they travel with the fair or if they belonged to local farmers? Either way, some of them didn't look too good. I have to admit, I have always LOVED the fair- it is so exciting to go and see the sights, eat the fair food and ride the rides. I love seeing the 4H exhibits and the livestock shows!! But now that I have a hobby farm, I was more sensitive to the conditions and health of the animals on display.

There were lots of goats, which I LOVE!! Many different breeds were represented, and I wanted to bring home more than a few of them.

There was one kid that was adorable and LOVED to be scratched & pet. I swear he was smiling! If he was small enough, I probably would have snuck him home... ;0)

I have never had a strong desire to have a cow... until I met this one:

Despite his super snotty nose and his foot long tongue (I am guessing), I fell in love with this adorable guy. He would dart his tongue out and grab the feed from inside the cup. It was so funny! (Plus I love his hair!)

There were chicks hatching in a glass cage during the entire fair... I wasn't crazy about that either... Lots of fluffy yellow chicks on display. I wonder what they do with them all after the fair is over? They only had newly hatched chicks there, so I can't help but wonder what happens to them. I also wonder how healthy they are. It makes me sad.

We did have fun though! We rode the rides, ate the food and watched the 4H livestock shows. Annie got her face painted and looked adorable!

I am scared of heights, but overcame my fear and rode the Ferris Wheel a total of 4 times! (which if you know me, you know that is HUGE for me)

Funnel Cake? YES PLEASE!!

One more thing... I convinced Matt to ride the mechanical bull. He needs more practice.

Yeah, we will go back next year.

A good time was had by all!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chicken Scratch

Hen and the Art of 
Chicken Maintenance
Reflections on Raising Chickens by Martin Gurdon

I picked up this book recently at the library. The title suggested it was a book about raising chickens, but in fact it was a humorous account of Martin's experience raising backyard poultry. The book "follows the Gurdon family through the ups and downs of this wonderful hobby." There were times when I laughed out loud and got some raised eyebrows from Matt. I would re-read the passage out loud to him, and he would join me in laughter. It was so much fun to read, and I will admit, when I was finished, I went back and read some of my favorite parts again!!

If you enjoy chicken humor and reading about other people and their poultry adventures, I highly recommend this book! I will warn you: there are a few crude bits but if you can look past them, it is very funny and entertaining to read. It is informative too!

If you want to find out more about this book, you can go to Martin's website

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Updates & Gardening Progress

I have had a busy few days. 
Last weekend Fluffy had her babies, 8 of them!! 
No wonder she looked liked she swallowed a watermelon.
Sadly, 2 of them didn't make it, but the other 6 seems to be doing well.

On Friday night, we went over to our friends house for a bonfire & Smores

and we had the best evening!

I have to admit, I had a little bit of garden envy when I saw Liz's HUGE flourishing 
garden, but it just made me want to work on mine more. 
I also enjoyed her chicken coop- I love her design! 
The walls are made with old wooden screened panels (painted green) 
and attached together to make a cool rustic farmhouse style chicken enclosure.
I loved hanging out with all her friendly chickens too! 

The kids had a blast playing together, the moms loved the female company, 
and even the men seemed to be enjoying themselves!

Over the weekend we had gorgeous weather, 
so we spent some more time prepping the garden.
Matt tilled it again, and the kids helped me plan the rows and start planting. 

We got the squashes & zucchini's planted so far.

Since I moved to North Dakota, I have heard repeatedly how great our soil is. 
It is thick and black and rich.
I am counting on this extra help from the soil, 
as I have never been known to have a green thumb...
The desire is there, but the know-how is lacking!
I will be so proud of myself if my first attempt at a vegetable garden is successful 
and we can actually eat & enjoy the fruits of our labor.
(pun intended)

6 rows down, 18 to go...

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Cat Whisperer

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved cats.
When I was 6 years old, I found a kitten in my neighbor's yard, scooped her up and brought her home. I begged my mom to let me keep her & was so excited when she agreed. I named my first cat "Kelly". She was black and white and perfect! (It didn't occur to me at the time that Kelly might have actually belonged to the neighbors, and they never said anything either.)
The first time she got pregnant, she came to my bedroom window when she went into labor. It was dark and raining outside and I was sound asleep. I woke up to her crying and I just knew. I opened my window and she squeezed in and proceeded to have her babies in the middle of my bed.

Me (on the left) & my friend Karma holding Kelly

Ever since I have always had a special relationship with cats.
Some people are dog people, I am a cat person.
This was back before the campaign to spay and neuter pets, so I witnessed and helped with many litters during my childhood. A few year's later, one of our cats, Blacky (Kelly's daughter) had her babies on my 10th birthday. I was spending the night with my Nana to celebrate and when I came home, she had had 5 kittens in our pot belly stove. I was so excited that she had them on my birthday- it was like receiving 5 furry presents from her! One of the babies was Fuzzy, who still to this day was one of my favorite cats of all time. I am sure our relationship was strengthened by the fact that we shared a birthday! ;0)

Me & Fuzzy

It has become a joke at our house that I am a "Cat Whisperer". Matt loves to tease me because the cats and I seem to have a special bond and I always have kindof a 6th sense when it comes to their needs. I know when they are sick, I know when they are happy or sad. I don't think much about it, I just know. We have barn cats now, and they come to me when they are going into labor. All 3 of our gals have done it. When it is their time, they let me know and I assist them. Usually I just sit next to them quietly, but occasionally I help if needed. I always take it as quite a compliment that they want me there. I always assume they will go hide somewhere and we will see them in a few weeks once the babies are older. I assume wrong.
Today I was proven wrong again. We have been waiting for Fluffy to have her babies for weeks. Fluffy lived here at the farm before we did, she came with the farm. She has always been sweet to us, but also a little standoffish. Everyday I go and search for her and her babies, thinking she had them in the night and hid them somewhere in one of the 8 outbuildings here... but then she shows up waddling, pregnant as ever. I guess I was wasting my time! Today I was sitting in the living room and I heard her crying through the window. I ran outside and Fluffy was sitting in the rain looking miserable. I knew- it was time. I gently picked her up and brought her into the sun porch to a box I had waiting for her. She was purring and happy. About 10 mins later, the contractions started. She labored throughout the afternoon and I stayed by her side. 5 kittens later, she is resting with a content look on her face. Matt was at work, so I sent him a text letting him know that Fluffy was having her kittens. He asked me how I knew and I told him that she came and got me, his response was to laugh and call me "The Cat Whisperer".

Fluffy and her babies- A proud Mama!!

**Update: Apparently Fluffy wasn't through birthing, she finished out with 8 babies!!! Here is a picture of the little ones:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When Will Fluffy Pop?!

This is Fluffy. 

Fluffy came with the farm. 
We have no idea where she came from, or how old she is. 
What we do know is that she was here when we came & she has no desire to leave. 
She is actually quite sweet, so I am sure she was somebody's pet at some point. 
I love cats, and the more the merrier (as long as they are outside!)

(look at Fluffy's face! Priceless!)

A couple months ago, Julianna asked me if Fluffy was pregnant. 
My response? "No, she is just fluffy" HA!
I guess the joke was on me, because Fluffy is VERY pregnant.
For at least the last 3 or 4 weeks
we have expected her to go into labor at any moment.
As of today, she is still pregnant... and she is HUGE!

We all have bets about how many kittens she will have. 
Hopefully we will know soon!

Gardening & Worming

Weeding Stinks!
But chickens love to come and help.

I never realized how much work a vegetable garden takes!
I started late to begin with.
I underestimated the amount of preparation and work.
Then I got this stupid Tendinitis, and now my left & dominant arm is basically useless.
Even just spraying roundup causes me pain.
Luckily, I have several servants that I can get help from.

Julianna, & I went out to the garden and we started weeding.
Anabelle started raking the dirt ("so the worms would come out").
It wasn't long before the rumors reached the coop,
and 1 by 1 the chicks wandered over looking for a handout.
They were in luck- the worms were abundant!

As the sun beat down and the afternoon wore on,
different chicks came and went.
They ate their fill and then found somewhere better to be.

The Silkies especially seemed to appreciate the help in locating the worms,
I have heard & read that breeds with feathered feet don't forage as easily,
so they were happy to be hand-fed!

Hours later, and exhausted, we called it a day.
Lots of work, not a lot of obvious progress.
Don't tell anyone, but I am starting to give up hope of growing anything from seeds.
I have a feeling it is just too late...
I might sneak over to the nursery and get seedlings that I can plant in the garden
and then pretend that I have a green thumb after all.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Spring Kittens!

The great thing about living on a farm in spring, is that there is always new life!
Yesterday amidst the sadness over the goat's death and the funeral, we got our first batch of barn kittens! As I was walking outside, I noticed Lulu looked considerably smaller... I was surprised because we thought she still had a couple weeks to go in her pregnancy and we were SURE that Fluffy (in her hugeness) would be the first to go into labor. Lulu sure fooled us! I saw her dart back into the sun porch and dive into a box. Sure enough- she had her kittens and didn't even tell us about it! (and she had them inside our sun porch- probably why she kept it a secret) Three healthy, fat, roly poly balls of fur; 1 solid white and 2 black & white. They are adorable! I quickly made her a comfy box with an old sheet and moved her and her family into it so they would be safer and more comfortable. I will even let them stay in the sun porch for now, until they are big enough to get out of the box on their own and then I will move them out to the barn or the garage. When Lu stepped outside today I shot a quick photo of the trio:

I also took this picture with her in there with them, 
but the flash kindof washed them out especially the little white one:

It will be fun to watch them grow. 
And hopefully Fluffy will have her babies soon too!

OH! and look at these wildflowers.... aren't they GORGEOUS?!?!
My sweet friend Julie made this beautiful bouquet and gave them to me. 
LOVE THEM! Thanks Julie :)

(they smell good too!)