Tuesday, July 19, 2011

5 Mins to Whine & Complain

We have been in a heat wave since last weekend here in ND. The "feel's like" temperatures are over a 100 every day and the humidity is awful. Even at night the temps are still in the 80's and there is not much relief. Now being a born and raised Florida gal, you would think that I could handle this. The difference? In Fl, there is air conditioning. I could turn my thermostat down and still carry on as usual. Chores, done. Cooking, done. Being nice to my kids, done. >:-} Up here there are usually only a handful of days that get unbearable and so a lot of the older homes do not have AC. Our home does NOT have AC. I am the first to admit- I am not good with heat. I turn into a miserable, whiney, hard to get a long with baby. I prefer cold any day of the week! The last week or so has been totally wasted on me. I cannot function. There is no cooking or cleaning being done, and whenever one of the kids wants to hug me, I wince. I hate feeling like this!!!!!!  The house is in chaos and we are all sitting around like grumpy slugs. My son's therapist sets aside 10 minutes everyday to listen to him "whine and complain". After he vents all his frustrations and injustices, he is able to go on with his day and function better. Today I have decided to adopt this practice. Today's blog is my whine and complain time. I am hot and I hate it!

I suppose this post is not really farm related, except that I wonder if all our animals are as miserable as I am? I look out the windows at them and I feel sorry for them. Maybe one day if I strike it rich I can install central air in the house, and then in the barn.


Flock Mistress said...

The comic is HILARIOUS!!!

My heart goes out to you and everyone suffering through that heatwave. We had one a few weeks back but we don't get the humidity that you get which just makes the misery go up 10 fold.

Hang in there.

Journey11 said...

This weather's making me cranky too. ;) We've been in the 90's with 70% humidity. Love the cartoon. It made me chuckle. I have one goat now, a rescue. She seems to be handling the heat better than the rest of us though. The chickens are not taking it well at all!