Friday, June 17, 2011

The Cat Whisperer

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved cats.
When I was 6 years old, I found a kitten in my neighbor's yard, scooped her up and brought her home. I begged my mom to let me keep her & was so excited when she agreed. I named my first cat "Kelly". She was black and white and perfect! (It didn't occur to me at the time that Kelly might have actually belonged to the neighbors, and they never said anything either.)
The first time she got pregnant, she came to my bedroom window when she went into labor. It was dark and raining outside and I was sound asleep. I woke up to her crying and I just knew. I opened my window and she squeezed in and proceeded to have her babies in the middle of my bed.

Me (on the left) & my friend Karma holding Kelly

Ever since I have always had a special relationship with cats.
Some people are dog people, I am a cat person.
This was back before the campaign to spay and neuter pets, so I witnessed and helped with many litters during my childhood. A few year's later, one of our cats, Blacky (Kelly's daughter) had her babies on my 10th birthday. I was spending the night with my Nana to celebrate and when I came home, she had had 5 kittens in our pot belly stove. I was so excited that she had them on my birthday- it was like receiving 5 furry presents from her! One of the babies was Fuzzy, who still to this day was one of my favorite cats of all time. I am sure our relationship was strengthened by the fact that we shared a birthday! ;0)

Me & Fuzzy

It has become a joke at our house that I am a "Cat Whisperer". Matt loves to tease me because the cats and I seem to have a special bond and I always have kindof a 6th sense when it comes to their needs. I know when they are sick, I know when they are happy or sad. I don't think much about it, I just know. We have barn cats now, and they come to me when they are going into labor. All 3 of our gals have done it. When it is their time, they let me know and I assist them. Usually I just sit next to them quietly, but occasionally I help if needed. I always take it as quite a compliment that they want me there. I always assume they will go hide somewhere and we will see them in a few weeks once the babies are older. I assume wrong.
Today I was proven wrong again. We have been waiting for Fluffy to have her babies for weeks. Fluffy lived here at the farm before we did, she came with the farm. She has always been sweet to us, but also a little standoffish. Everyday I go and search for her and her babies, thinking she had them in the night and hid them somewhere in one of the 8 outbuildings here... but then she shows up waddling, pregnant as ever. I guess I was wasting my time! Today I was sitting in the living room and I heard her crying through the window. I ran outside and Fluffy was sitting in the rain looking miserable. I knew- it was time. I gently picked her up and brought her into the sun porch to a box I had waiting for her. She was purring and happy. About 10 mins later, the contractions started. She labored throughout the afternoon and I stayed by her side. 5 kittens later, she is resting with a content look on her face. Matt was at work, so I sent him a text letting him know that Fluffy was having her kittens. He asked me how I knew and I told him that she came and got me, his response was to laugh and call me "The Cat Whisperer".

Fluffy and her babies- A proud Mama!!

**Update: Apparently Fluffy wasn't through birthing, she finished out with 8 babies!!! Here is a picture of the little ones:


DeeAnn said...

What an awesome story! Can't wait to see the pictures of the babies as they grow! I have a feeling you will have quite a few stories in the future to tell :)

Journey11 said...

Adorable! I enjoyed the story. :)

Jennifer said...

Love you cat story. Chicken Whisper, cute. The kittens are so cute too. I got to watch/help my 2 farm cats when they went into labor this year, very cool. I think it is an honor.

DeeAnn said...

About the chicken saddles, I found a general how to online, then played on my sewing machine :) I'm going to sell them for around $10. That should cover the cost of the materials and time.