Tuesday, June 7, 2011


A couple weeks ago my left arm started aching. I didn't do anything specific to it that I can remember, but I have been doing lots around the farm now that the weather is nice. Over the next 2 weeks I tried not to use it as much as possible, but there are so many projects I want to do that I probably used it more than I should have. The pain has only gotten worse. This past weekend, the pain was so bad that just opening an empty ziplock bag shot intense pain up my arm. My family decided it was time for me to go to the doctor. They would not let me talk my way out of it any more... so I went yesterday and saw Dr. Zach. The verdict? Tendinitis in my left arm. I have to wear a brace for a few weeks and use my arm as little as possible. WHAT?! I am left handed... I do everything with my left arm! What about my garden?!?!?! 
I am so bummed out about this, but I know if I don't follow doctor's orders my arm will only get worse. I am hoping my great kids will have pity on their mama and help me out around the farm so that I don't get too far behind. A mom can hope, right?


DeeAnn said...

I hope you feel better soon! Tendenitis sucks! Ibuprophen helps with the inflamation if you can take it.

Callie said...

Hope you are getting lots of help and that your arm is healing quickly. Rest is the best! Take good care of yourself.

Chickens are so funny... we have a few chickens who roost early so they get the best spots. Love your goat set up... I remember our goats as sweet big dogs only without manners. Hope your bully chicken calmed down. We take our misfit chickens to the feed store and leave them as freebies for the brave with warnings as to their bad characteristics.