Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Funeral

This weekend was difficult for us. 
There seemed to be constant reminders of our baby goats...
We decided as a family to have a small funeral for them 
and to start a pet graveyard on the farm. 
Until now we have always had "cremations"-  mainly because they are easy 
and the animals in question have all been small.
This time we just couldn't do it. 
We were too emotionally caught up in the situation and 
we all agreed that the girls deserved a proper burial. 
So we walked around the farm and picked out the perfect spot, 
at the edge of the property, near the woods & under a tree. 

We had our first funeral and burial at The Funny Farm today. 
Matt dug the hole, and Simon searched for some rocks to mark the site. 
Julianna and I decided to use one of their baby bottles as a vase 
and placed some pansies in it from the garden.
When the time came, none of us had dry eyes. 
But we all said goodbye. 

The kids asked if they could write a little message on one of the rocks, 
so we each took a sharpie and added our thoughts.
Even Poe joined the event and reverently watched from the sidelines. 

I don't know how long it will take us to move on.
People have asked us if we are going to get new goats... 
I am sure we will, I just don't know when.
I am amazed at how much we grew to love them in the very short time we had them.
They touched all of us and we will miss them so much.

We called them #1 and #2 during the time they were with us.
We could never decide on the perfect names!
We talked about it daily and we constantly came up with new possibilities...
but none of them ever seemed just right.
So we always called them #1 & #2. 

#1 was timid and always took her time eating;
we were proud of her if she would eat more than a few ounces at a time! 
She also had a habit of sucking on our clothes. 
I would feel a gentle tug on my pants or shirt, and I would look down 
to find her nuzzled up to me sucking on a hem.... 
when I would go back inside there would be a wet circle on my clothing 
and I would have to change if I was going anywhere. 
It was actually quite endearing!!
She was not a leader, but would bravely follow her sister on any adventure.
She loved to be held and cuddled and like any baby, 
she would cry if she was left alone. 
She would give me baby goat kisses by rubbing her nose on my face 
and her eyes were always full of love and trust for  us.

#2 was bold and adventurous!
From the time we first brought them home, 
she was the leader and would always protect her sister. 
She loved to eat and could suck down a bottle in seconds flat! 
(because of that the kids would always say "I get to feed #2!!)
She was always the first to explore any new situation.
She would climb the tree stumps, try out the new goat door, jump into our laps.
She knew her sister would tag along.
#2 loved attention and she would always know when we were 
coming out to the barn to feed her, 
and she would cry out anxiously to us before she could even see us coming! 
We loved to hear her excited and impatient baby goat cries 
and it would always bring a smile to my face. 

We loved the late night feedings, and even though every night around midnight 
I would have to talk myself into going out to the barn, 
I ALWAYS enjoyed it once I got there. 
The girls were so excited to eat and so lovable and cuddly, 
that we would want to stay all night with them. 
After they finished their bottles, 
they would cuddle up in our laps and contentedly fall asleep. 
When we would finally put them down, 
they would act surprised and cry to be picked back up.

#1 & #2 brought nothing but joy and delight to everyone they met.
They didn't live long, but I am sure they enjoyed the time they had.
They were amazing pets and we will always regret not getting more time with them.
It is still hard to believe they are really gone...

Today as I was looking through my pictures, 
I found this one that I snapped on a whim. 
It was taken the day before they died.
I had walked out to the barn to feed the chickens, and this is what I saw:

This is the last picture of them I took.
Goodbye baby girls.

PS: thanks for all the kind comments this past weekend, they have been encouraging to read!


Journey11 said...

Aww, it was a nice tribute you wrote. We always have a funeral for our beloved pets too. I hope it helped the kids find some closure.

Callie said...

Very sorry this happened to your family. Such a sad time for you all. But things will get better and you will all recover. Do be good to yourselves!