Monday, June 13, 2011

Spring Kittens!

The great thing about living on a farm in spring, is that there is always new life!
Yesterday amidst the sadness over the goat's death and the funeral, we got our first batch of barn kittens! As I was walking outside, I noticed Lulu looked considerably smaller... I was surprised because we thought she still had a couple weeks to go in her pregnancy and we were SURE that Fluffy (in her hugeness) would be the first to go into labor. Lulu sure fooled us! I saw her dart back into the sun porch and dive into a box. Sure enough- she had her kittens and didn't even tell us about it! (and she had them inside our sun porch- probably why she kept it a secret) Three healthy, fat, roly poly balls of fur; 1 solid white and 2 black & white. They are adorable! I quickly made her a comfy box with an old sheet and moved her and her family into it so they would be safer and more comfortable. I will even let them stay in the sun porch for now, until they are big enough to get out of the box on their own and then I will move them out to the barn or the garage. When Lu stepped outside today I shot a quick photo of the trio:

I also took this picture with her in there with them, 
but the flash kindof washed them out especially the little white one:

It will be fun to watch them grow. 
And hopefully Fluffy will have her babies soon too!

OH! and look at these wildflowers.... aren't they GORGEOUS?!?!
My sweet friend Julie made this beautiful bouquet and gave them to me. 
LOVE THEM! Thanks Julie :)

(they smell good too!)

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