Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gardening & Worming

Weeding Stinks!
But chickens love to come and help.

I never realized how much work a vegetable garden takes!
I started late to begin with.
I underestimated the amount of preparation and work.
Then I got this stupid Tendinitis, and now my left & dominant arm is basically useless.
Even just spraying roundup causes me pain.
Luckily, I have several servants that I can get help from.

Julianna, & I went out to the garden and we started weeding.
Anabelle started raking the dirt ("so the worms would come out").
It wasn't long before the rumors reached the coop,
and 1 by 1 the chicks wandered over looking for a handout.
They were in luck- the worms were abundant!

As the sun beat down and the afternoon wore on,
different chicks came and went.
They ate their fill and then found somewhere better to be.

The Silkies especially seemed to appreciate the help in locating the worms,
I have heard & read that breeds with feathered feet don't forage as easily,
so they were happy to be hand-fed!

Hours later, and exhausted, we called it a day.
Lots of work, not a lot of obvious progress.
Don't tell anyone, but I am starting to give up hope of growing anything from seeds.
I have a feeling it is just too late...
I might sneak over to the nursery and get seedlings that I can plant in the garden
and then pretend that I have a green thumb after all.


Lauren Scheuer said...

Sweet! ... but beware of that Roundup! Horrible horrible stuff. Will get into the bugs that the chickens eat, and will end up in groundwater etc.
Meanwhile, LOVELY little garden helpers you have!

Journey11 said...

LOL, chickens seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to freshly tilled soil. Mine come running from far and wide. Your soil looks so dark and rich. I must admit I'm feeling a tinge of garden envy! ;)

Jennifer said...

Your chickens are so pretty & look to be very helpful, lol