Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When Will Fluffy Pop?!

This is Fluffy. 

Fluffy came with the farm. 
We have no idea where she came from, or how old she is. 
What we do know is that she was here when we came & she has no desire to leave. 
She is actually quite sweet, so I am sure she was somebody's pet at some point. 
I love cats, and the more the merrier (as long as they are outside!)

(look at Fluffy's face! Priceless!)

A couple months ago, Julianna asked me if Fluffy was pregnant. 
My response? "No, she is just fluffy" HA!
I guess the joke was on me, because Fluffy is VERY pregnant.
For at least the last 3 or 4 weeks
we have expected her to go into labor at any moment.
As of today, she is still pregnant... and she is HUGE!

We all have bets about how many kittens she will have. 
Hopefully we will know soon!

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