Monday, May 16, 2011

Chicken Therapy & 5 Eggs

Today is sunny, warm and GORGEOUS in North Dakota!
I spent several hours outside by the coop in my lawn chair
enjoying the day and the flock. 
Whenever I can sneak away I love to go hang out with the chickens- 
they can entertain me for hours on end and I never get tired of it. 

Sometimes the kids will come hang out too, but they get bored easily and leave.
That is ok with me.
(The chickens are more nervous when the kids are around anyway.)
Here is Julianna with her hen, Ditzy:

The chicks love when I come out, because that means they get released from their nursery. They run to the door cheeping excited to see me and hoping for treats. I just know they love me, even though Matt teases me that it is only because they associate me with food. (That's ok though as long as it works!)

We currently have 25 "teenage" chicks out in the coop nursery.
And even though I love them all, I can't help but have favorites.
Out of the 3 breeds (Silkies, Bantam Cochins & Easter Eggers)
The EE's are BY FAR my favorite!
Butterscotch, Buttercup, Peeps & Pigeon are all EE's
I am about 75% sure they are all girls and I am hoping I am right...
 I just love them and hope to keep all 4 of them!

Here is Buttercup-
She spent some time on my lap studying my face today,
so I decided to take some pictures of hers:

This is Pigeon-
She is very curious and very friendly.
Originally Matt's chick, we bonded after her doggy trauma,
and now I am smitten with her (and she is with me too! Matt is jealous)

My sweet baby Butterscotch-
The friendliest & sweetest of the chicks by far!
She was the first to hop on my lap all by herself and get comfortable. 
I have heard of chickens that do that, but she was the first one of mine to ever do it.

And lastly, Peeps-
Peeps was my favorite of the chicks when they were newborns.
She had the puffiest chipmunk cheeks of all the chicks and I just adored her!
I still love her, but I wish she was as friendly as the other EE's

Love this shot of 3 of the gals:

L to R: Butterscotch, Pigeon & Buttercup

and lastly- a cute shot of Buttercup & Lulu:

In other chicken news-
I got 5 eggs today!!!!
That means Yahtzee laid an egg for the first time
(that I know of) in the 5 months we have had her!!

Good Job Yahtzee!

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