Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chick Field Trip

Today when I went to feed and water the little chicks, 4 of the 8 flew out of the brooder before I could even blink and eye! For the last 2 weeks I have known that it was getting time to transition them to outside but I am still unsure how to integrate them in with the big chicks without causing too much stress or injury. The little chicks are already a couple weeks older than the big chicks were when they moved out to the coop nursery, and I know they are getting impatient for
some freedom from their tiny brooder!

I decided to load them up this afternoon and take them outside for a field trip. 
For the first 30 mins or so, they would not venture out of the carrier

I am sure the big world was a little intimidating, especially since all the 
other chickens wanted to come see what was in the box.
I tried to lure the babies out with treats, but they weren't interested.
(the other chickens were VERY interested and promptly ate the treats up)

After awhile, one by one they started venturing out and exploring
First to come out:

Lucy Goosey
(Anabelle's White Leghorn Pullet)

After a bit, one by one they started coming out of the carrier.

And then all of them were out...

They were timid, but seemed to enjoy foraging around. They stayed close to each other and didn't seem to mind too much when the big chicks came near. 
Now I just have to figure out how to move them out to the barn permanently!

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