Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rainy Days

This week has been long and hectic. School is out for the summer and all the kid's activities seem to be lumped into this one week. There is drama camp every day, Little League and TBall both started this week and Driver's Ed is only offered this week. Things have just been nuts trying to get everyone where they need to go. 

Today was a rainy day and I have to say I love rainy summer days! I love sitting in my living room listening to the sound of the rain hitting the house, and feeling the gentle breeze coming through the windows.... Ahhhhh! Heavenly!!

My lilacs and crabapple tree are both in full bloom and the smell is unbelievably delicious! I am trying to enjoy every second of it, because I know by next week all the flowers (and smell) will be gone until next year. That is so sad to me, only one week every year they bloom- why is that? After the rainy day, the sun finally came out late this afternoon and everything was pretty and sparkly!

On a side note- I love seeing this:

the picture isn't great, I snapped it on my cell phone from far away... but our bunny, Ginger, thinks she is a chicken and follows the chickens around where ever they go. It is so funny for me to see her all over the farm, doing whatever the chickens are doing! She moved out of her hutch and into the chicken coop when it started getting cold last fall, and she has stayed by their side ever since. She is so smart- she never leaves the farm and so we just let her roam free with her buddies!


rootsong said...

I know that feeling you describe about enjoying the breeze through the windows on a rainy summer day... heavenly.

Was it a shock moving from the heat in Texas to the chill of north Dakota?

I love lilacs! My mom gave me a baby one that I planted here last year. I'm pleased to see that it's still alive. I hope they grow into a big, wonderful smelling bush!

Zoa Barker said...

We moved from Florida- and yes it was a shock. The humidity there was sooo high all the time that you just felt hot and sticky. Up here it is dry and much more tolerable!! I enjoy the winter, it gets long after awhile, but for the most part the cold doesn't bother me!! ;)

Lilacs seem to be pretty resilient. If yours is still alive than I would say that you are good for many many years to come! And just think, every time it blooms it will be like a gift from your mom, even though she is now gone!