Sunday, May 26, 2013


Sadly, our kitty Sassy passed away this past week. We brought her with us from Florida in 2007, but she never was happy as an indoor cat. She was one of those cats that loved to be outside and explore. She would disappear for weeks sometimes, and just when we were sure we would never see her again, she would show up and surprise us! She was a good cat- affectionate and smart, she just didn't like other cats. She was a loner.

She showed up a couple weeks ago with several injuries to her back and tail area. I tried treating them with essential oils and moved her into my mudroom to recover. She seemed to be doing better for awhile, then she took a turn for the worse and we lost her the next day. I still can't believe she's gone- she was such a fighter! We will miss her :(

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