Monday, January 7, 2013

Tribute to The General

Sad news at the Funny Farm- our beloved flock king, General Tso passed away the other day. It was unexpected and very sad. I don't know how old he was, but he was in the first group of chickens we brought to the farm 2 years ago and he was already full grown. Simon went into the Barn to do evening barn chores and found him already dead. There were no signs of illness or injury.

 "The General" was everything we wanted in a flock protector: he was unselfish, alert and always looking out for his harem. The whole family loved and respected him because of his amazing work ethic. There is now a huge hole in the flock hierarchy and I am not sure that any of the younger roosters could ever replace The General.

I am sure his original "wives": Road Runner, Annie Banany & Ditzy are very sad without him. They were always close by. I loved his crow- even though a lot of people find rooster crowing to be a disturbance, I always loved hearing him. Wherever I was in the house or around the farm, when The General would crow it would bring a smile to my face!!

Occasionally we would catch him and cuddle him, and even though he would put up a half-hearted struggle, he didn't seem to mind our affection!!

We are really going to miss him. I have thought of him several times in the last few days and I just keep wondering what will happen in the flock without him? We have had many roosters come and go over the last couple years, but none of them were even close to The General's quality or leadership. The farm has lost an amazing member and we won't forget him.

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