Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pinterest Inspired Pantry Remodel

Something about the New Year gets me itchin' to clean out and organize EVERYTHING! I am not an organized person by nature. I want to be, but as a busy mom with 5 kids, the clutter tends to overwhelm our house. Every year it seems my resolutions include organization. I have not kept it a secret that I have a Pintrest obsession... I am convinced that Pinterest is the solution to pretty much any problem I have. It is therapeutic and it gives me hope for my unorganized home! I am constantly starting a conversation with "Guess what I saw on Pinterest today?" It makes Matt cringe and my kids roll their eyes.

So in honor of the New Year, I have been on the hunt for the best organization pins. I have spent many blissful hours over the last couple months finding solutions for clutter, unorganization, and to be honest, just plain ugliness. One thing I saw over and over was the use of glass jars with chalkboard labels in the pantry.

PINspired by this idea, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought several sizes of jars with metal lids and self adhesive chalkboard paper. (Hobby Lobby often runs a 50% off glassware sale- so the jars are very affordable! I have made it a habit to grab a few every time I go so I can gradually build up my stash.)

When I got home I went to work and cut out several cute labels and started organizing some food into my new fun jars. Excited I placed my new jars in my old pantry- and was disappointed that my pantry didn't instantly look like all the pins I kept finding.

This is a snapshot from the doorway of my 100 year old farmhouse pantry:

Chaos. Unorganization. This pantry does not scream to me to "cook something"... instead it makes me happy that I can just close the door and not look at it anymore.

Lucky for me Pinterest has a solution for this!
(and I have found hundreds of drool worthy examples- you can check them out here)

I completely emptied the pantry and got to work. I painted all the wooden shelving black. The shelving is old and rickety and since we are not planning on replacing the wood anytime soon, I decided a good coat of black paint would camouflage the flaws and give the pantry an instant face lift.
I had found a roll of pretty textured wallpaper on the top shelf of a closet when we first moved in, and I have been saving it for a special project. I decided to wallpaper the walls behind the shelf.

Matt and I spent a weekend working on this project, and I LOVE the results!

Here are pictures of the new pantry:

here is a closeup of the wallpaper:

I know the flash put a glare on it, but you can see the pretty detail! I love it!

See the shelf at the top with the notches? I *think* that is for drying herbs? If anyone knows, please tell me.

Now that the pantry is finished (minus the new wood floor we will be putting in sometime this year) I am taking the opportunity to go through all the food that was in the pantry and to clean out and organize it.

Here is the final project: My Pinterest Inspired Dream Pantry!!!

There are still several things that I would like to end up in jars, but I will continue to grab a few every time I go to Hobby Lobby until I have enough.

Everyone that has seen it is very impressed, especially me! I love my new farmhouse pantry! :)


cookie_monster_55 said...

Whoa! Very nice! Looks wonderful!

Mrs Rad Wag said...

Your pantry is very pinterest-worthy! Almost makes me want to organize my pantry - almost! :-)

Draea Lael (Rose) said...

Love it!