Friday, November 30, 2012

So Thankful

Well December starts tomorrow and I am shocked at how quickly the year has gone.
I know a big part of it flying by is because of the addition of Gus to the family!!
I can't believe he is almost 9 months old and
 he is learning new things almost every day.
He is crawling like a pro, and cruising around the furniture.
He even says "dada" and possibly "mama" (we are working on that) ;-)

Unfortunately, Gus has been sick quite a lot lately. 
In the last month alone he has had 2 separate colds, Fifth Disease 
(a viral infection that causes rash and fever) and now a stomach flu. 
In the last few years a lot of medications for infants and babies have been taken off the shelves and so besides Tylenol, there isn't a lot to give a miserable baby. I have spent a lot of time lately researching some natural home remedies we can use for him and our whole family. As I experiment, I want to share what is working and not working for us on the blog. Stay tuned for more of that!!

Pinterest has been a a great source of info for me as I research and
 I find I am on it all the time lately! 
I have soooo many ideas for the farm and Pinterest has only added fuel to my fire. What a fantastic resource for anything imaginable! Right now while the ground is frozen and there is snow covering the farm, I can pin to my heart's delight all the beautiful flowers and vegetable ideas I can find! 
I am gardening vicariously through Pinterest this winter!!!! ;-)
I am impatiently counting the days for Spring to come back so I can get outside and get busy with so many great new ideas. 

 Thanksgiving was last week and I have been feeling very thankful 
for our many, many blessings. 
The farm is my childhood dream come true, and instead of "getting it out of my system" as my family hoped, I know for sure this is where I want to be 
for a long, long time. I LOVE everything about the farm! 
I am so thankful for my kids and that they are growing up out here in the country and experiencing all of these wonderful things!!! One of the things we did this year as a family was make this "thankful tree" with all of our hand prints. (of course I got the idea off of Pinterest!) I was so happy with the way it turned out, but also surprised at how big my kids hands are, they are growing up too fast. I am trying to enjoy every day with them, because one day they will be grown and gone. I am so thankful I can be a stay at home mom to them and be present in their lives every day!!

Speaking of the kids growing, back in October the kids took a group picture and we just got it back. It is especially special because it is the first (professional) picture of all 5 kids together since Gus was born. I just have to share!

L to R: Simon (13), Anabelle (6), Julianna (14), Gus (7 months) & Oliver (12)

That pretty much wraps up this blog post. Just wanted to check in since it has been a few weeks again. Everything on the farm is normal-
 except I can't help but feel the animals are all cold. 
Maybe during this long winter I will find a tutorial on Pinterest 
to make all the animals sweaters? 

♥ Happy Holidays Everyone!! 

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