Sunday, March 20, 2011

We've Got Chicks!

The chicks are HERE!!!!!
Look at how adorable their little fluffy bodies are!

Originally Matt said we could get 12... but I talked him into 18
(since there were 3 breeds, we could each get 1 chick of each breed: 6 x 3= 18)
Matt reluctantly agrees to 18. 

Welllll... we came home today with 25 chicks!!!
HAHA!!! It honestly wasn't planned, but we got a little carried away.
(I learned that this is called "chicken math")

We got 8 Easter Eggers (Americauna), 6 Bantam Cochins & 11 Silkies in 4 different colors.

Here are some pictures of the kids:
 Julianna and 2 of the chicks she picked out

 Simon's Chicks

 Anabelle and her white Silkie chick

I am excited and very nervous. 
I am scared to get attached to any of the chicks in case some of them don't make it. 
I hope that I am doing everything right with the brooder and heat lamp!!!

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