Friday, March 4, 2011


he's not as innocent as he looks

No one ever told us that goats are notorious escape artists. And even if they had, no one told me that Black Jack aka "HOUDINI" could escape any possible situation! In the last few days since we brought the boys home, he has escaped his pen repeatedly. First he squeezed through a hole in the fence. So Matt added extra wood between the planks to make squeezing through impossible. Next he head butted the gate and busted the latch right off the support beams to open the door and walk out. After Matt replaced the latch with a more heavy duty one, Houdini decided to jump right over the fence to get out. Seriously?!? So once again Matt brought out the power tools and added wood to the fence to make the whole thing higher. The next day we go out to the barn and low and behold, Jack is outside the pen eating alfalfa. Meanwhile, Sundance is still inside the pen bleating his head off at the injustice. This time we are baffled. How did he get out?! We put him back in the pen and waited. For awhile the boys eyed us suspiciously. It became obvious that as long as we were watching them nothing would happen except innocence. (It is amazing how innocent a guilty goat can look.) Just when we thought the mystery would never be solved, Jack jumped up on his ledge, got a running start and ran full speed towards the highest part of the fence and jumped---- and cleared it!
At that point it became very apparent to Matt and I that "where there is a will, there is a way." You win Houdini.

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