Thursday, July 25, 2013


July is almost over and I have been missing from blog-land (again)
I am pretty sure I will never be consistent in blogging, but I will always eventually check in.

So excited because we have added some new members to our ever growing farm!
We have 5 new kittens... and just in time, all of our barn cats disappeared over the long winter. The kids are thrilled and have already claimed and named them :)






And a new Silkie Family (they would not face me for a family picture)

Silky Jack

The mama & baby (not named yet) 
This hen won a blue ribbon at the Griggs County fair this summer :)

We also got 4 new guinea keets...
 I actually stole this picture from Annemarie, my friend who gave them to us. 
They kept some of them and gave the other 4 to us :)

We brought the baby guineas home and immediately they ran out to the tall prairie grass. We spent almost an hour looking for them, but only found 2. We thought for sure the others wouldn't make it through the night, as it has been chilly and damp this week during the nights, but surprise, surprise! The 2 showed up outside the coop the next morning and were happy to be reunited with their siblings!

It is always a lot of fun getting new animals. I am still on the search for an appropriate husband for Gracie- girl... I would love some baby goats in the spring and some goat milk! She is a purebred Nigerian Dwarf, so her mate would need to be also. I just didn't realize how hard it would be to find one in our general area (or even this state)  I found this adorable guy on Craigslist- "Tim McGraw Buck"... he would have been perfect! But alas, someone else got to him before I did. *sad sigh*

Look at this sweeties face!!! Does anyone have any leads on a Buck for our Gracie? Let me know if you do!

Oh and Julianna wants to get a baby bunny or two... so the next blog post will probably be about that!

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