Sunday, October 7, 2012

"Chocolate" Kisses

Today was such an exciting day at the farm! 

"Cocoa" and "Snickers", our new miniature horses arrived this afternoon and we spent the day welcoming our new babies to the farm!! We fenced in a section of pasture for them and the kids took turns leading them around the yard. They were born in May of this year, so they aren't even 5 months old yet... they are ABSOLUTELY adorable! The term "love at first sight" definitely applies to these little sweeties! The kids are all so excited to finally have horses out here- and I feel a little bit safer having them learn how to take care of minis instead of full sized horses as beginners.

It was pretty funny watching the other barnyard animals curiously inspecting the new tenants. The kittens approached first and lost interest quickly. The guineas raised a ruckus but eventually went about their foraging. The goats seemed a little put off, especially because we put the minis in their goat yard while we finished off the pasture area. They went inside the barn and stayed there until we took the horses back out. It will be interesting to have a new species on the farm!

 our little filly- Cocoa

our little colt- Snickers

I am excited to get to know the babies and see how they fit into our Funny Farm!!

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