Thursday, September 27, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Ok so I completely busted my New Year's resolution to blog more... 
It has been 9 months since the last post. Sheesh.

The farm is still here and we are having a blast and excited for fall-
 life has just been busy and blogging got put on the back burner. 

Some changes around here? 
The biggest one is GUS!

Gus was born March 11. 2012 and is a JOY to our family!!
At 6 months old, everything is exciting and interesting to explore. He LOVES to be outside on the farm and he especially loves to play with the kittens (who seem to love him too, despite his tendency to squeeze them)


In other news, we added Gracie to our goat herd earlier this year. 
She is a 2 year old Nigerian Dwarf doe and we are hoping to breed her soon!

Gracie gets along with the boys too, which is a relief!

We also acquired Ginger- Julianna's new bunny. 
She roams freely during the day in the "hen pen" and loves the freedom to hang out with the chickens.

We also got 15 new "chicks" in the spring,
 that are now old enough to start laying eggs.
3 of them were actually hatched by 2 of our Silkies that finally went broody in the spring and made a joint nest that they took turns sitting on. (haha!) 

                                    and a few chicks turned out to be roosters-
                                         this one is my favorite of the bunch!

We also got 5 new guinea keets to replace the one's we lost last fall, they are already fully grown as well and they roam the farm making a ruckus!! I laugh every time I hear the barking start.

Last but not least, we have 6 new kittens on the farm. 
2 from Lulu, 1 from Tiny and 3 we rescued from the side of the road. Lulu disappeared when her kittens were about 6 or 7 weeks old, and Tiny adopted them as well as the 3 orphans. She was pregnant at the time, but started nursing all 5 of them anyway. Not long after that she had her own babies, but one of them didn't survive. The other one "Tick" is absolutely adorable and we LOVE her soooo much! She got her name because she would be the only kitten nursing when she was a newborn and she was the roly'est poly'est kitten we had ever seen! She looked like a swollen tick with a milk mustache :) All 6 kittens love each other and play together now, and Tiny proudly claims all of them as her own. 

Oliver & Ticky


This summer we also started the huge Garden project. I have been dreaming of a "Therapy Garden" in the center of the circular drive since we moved here. My wonderfully handy husband started constructing it in July and we spent MANY, MANY hours over the next couple months working on it. There is still a long way to go, but I am very happy with the progress we made and next year we hope to add lots more to it!!

Here is the original sketch I made 
(we have made some changes- but this is basically the idea)

Here are some of the construction pics:

                                                   my herb garden!

                                  and my FABULOUS garden entry arch!!!

Anyway just wanted to jump on and post some pictures and the important news from The Funny Farm. Perhaps the next post will be sooner than 9 months from now ;-)


melissa said...

Love the Garden arch and Ticky is really cute!!! Gus looks like Oliver, both oh so handsome ;-)). Thanks for the pics and updates!!!!

Journey11 said...

Looks like things are really hoppin' around your place. Congratulations on your baby boy! My second daughter was born on March 8th, so they are the same age. I don't get much blogging done nowadays either. ;)

Michelle Rosenau said...

LOVE the garden cool is that! Have to show it to hubby b for an idea leading to our potting shed.